Located on one hundred acres of indigenous forest, Brackenhurst is an international conference centre and eco-destination approximately 20 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, Kenya. We have been hosting conferences in East Africa for more than 50 years, and our customers come from all over the world.

Give it a try, you’ll have great time in Brackenhurst Hotel & Conference Centre. The meals are just the best, landscape is also well done. Enough trees and benches for relaxing. The architecture of the entire place is so unique.
… Tucked in the leafy suburb of Tigoni & set on pristine mature gardens, this is a Mecca for the lovers of green. A place you can reconnect with nature. & they have good rooms if you can’t summon the will to disconnect. Try the nature trail or better still jog. But the secret here is the food & the shocking bit is the diversity & freshness: Just go for the buffet. This is a place worthy spending a day if not days! Try it!
My! Oh! My! This is really a wonderful place. Very big and spacious facilities. Good for conferences and meetings. The rooms were clean, neat and tidy. Really loved the place. My most memorable was the dining Experience, my goodness. they have variety be it Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. Hoping to drop by again.