We love to hear about organizations and individuals who have experienced big impact conferences, meetings and moments at Brackenhurst. Through the years, some have identified their time at Brackenhurst as a milestone in the lives of their organizations and how their time here was integral to a new strategy, change or focus. On the other hand, I am surprised by how many people have failed to clearly understand the purpose of their meetings and what significant impact resulted.

A well-organized meeting or conference looks good on paper but often falls short of making a significant impact. Most normal conferences usually come together something like this:

1. objectives are set in a checklist fashion,
2. participants are identified based on varying factors including roles, personal preferences, or perceived expertise,
3. relevant content is mass distributed before or at the beginning of the conference,
4. a venue appropriate for the size, task and tastes of the group is located, and
5. a strict agenda is set.

On the other hand the most successful, high-impact conferences come together looking something like this:

1. the purpose of the meeting is clearly and simply defined, communicated and understood,
2. participants are identified who offer multiple, often unique and challenging perspectives,
3. issues and content are framed around possibilities, making key choices and developing action plans,
4. a venue is chosen that enhances interaction, supports the conversation surrounding the purpose, and minimizes participant distraction,
5. and the overall session is designed to be an experience to fully engage all participants emotionally, analytically and enthusiastically.

Well-organized meetings often succeed at just being well-organized meetings. Well-designed meetings and conferences succeed at making an impact. At Brackenhurst we want your meetings or conferences to make an impact in your organization and in the lives of your participants. Please let us know how we can help you make your next meeting or conference the most impactful ever.