Muna Tree Café is Brackenhurst’s a la carte restaurant. It’s a perfect excuse to escape from the city for an afternoon meal, a nice family brunch, or even a date night dinner in a more rural setting. We are open Sunday through Saturday from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm.

The menu features a variety of foods from sizzling fajitas, feta wraps and lamb chops to fresh salads and hamburgers. The Muna Tree Bakery is renowned for its delicious safari of specialties, including homemade donuts, chocolate cake, and many others. All vegetables are sourced directly from the Brackenhurst organic garden or are bought from local farmers in the area. Additionally, we sell artisan products such as cashew butter and pure vanilla extract.

Thursday through Sunday, the café fires up an outdoor wood-fire pizza oven. Come and try the BBQ Chicken, Butternut Sage or the Muna Tree Garden pizzas. Vegetarian or meat-lover, there’s a pizza for everyone.

The café hosts an organic farmer’s’ market every Wednesday afternoon on the Brackenhurst campus. It’s a great opportunity to purchase your organic vegetables for the week, and to connect with members of our bustling local community. Additionally, Muna Tree Café oversees seasonal festivals with deluxe farmer’s markets, many local vendors selling artisan products, music, and unique menu items.