In a rapidly developing virtual world, face to face interaction is important to stay grounded and connected to members of a team, be it family or business. While we are advancing into a more and more digital age, sometimes the benefits of increased expression are overwhelmed by a need for more communication. Brackenhurst, as a conference centre, is founded on the concept of balance between expression and communication. We want to support meetings that restore connection and harmony between team members while simultaneously allowing space for new ideas and growth.

According to Mina Chang, a CEO who writes for Forbes, the business world is so driven for speed and the accomplishment of to – do lists, that it forgets about building relationships through face to face interaction. With the establishment of strong, trusting relationships, a team becomes more unified, driven, and powerful.

We believe that the best way to stay unified as a team is to share powerful stories. Not only must a team be efficient at expressing stories, a team must also learn how to be affected by those stories, because that’s when real communication, real change, begins for a team. Chang states that meeting with her team members and “asking questions and listening to concerns” radically improved her organization.

Conferences are key in the coherence and development of a team because they offer unique opportunities for face to face interaction and exchange of ideas. While it is more commonplace for teams and businesses to afford newer technology, human connection, through conferences, is increasingly rare and valuable. Teams who choose to balance expression and communication, through the gift of story exchange during conferencing, will ultimately be stronger and better equipped to progress.

Brackenhurst caters to teams with many different stories. We provide beautiful grounds for team members to share time together, to express themselves, and to communicate. While ground breaking technology does have it’s place, the power of something as simple as sharing a meal together is often underestimated. At Brackenhurst, we provide space for “simple” face to face interaction: “simple” communication that takes a team to the next level.