During those days, the land that the Canes bought was called “Three Tree Farm” due to three tall muna trees that stood on the ridge just behind the present staff houses. The muna trees served as a landmark for the wagons coming up from Nairobi. Though none of these trees remain today, two similar ones stand west of the Theological College buildings. Later, the farm’s name was changed to Brackenhurst – a name that speaks of both the past and the present.  The Canes once lived in a place called “Brackenhurst” near Southall in Nottinghamshire County, England.  When they arrived and saw the bracken fern growing on the numerous hills (the “hursts,” in Old English), no doubt they considered the name “Brackenhurst” appropriate for their new home. The cottage presently named “Farm House” was the Cane’s original house which they called Rose Cottage.