Mountain Biking

Feel the crisp, fresh air of Tigoni rush against your face as your pedal your way through pristine tea fields and deep green forests. Overhead, birds sing, and, in the distance, you’re lucky enough to hear the whooping of a Colobus monkey. Bike through early morning mists still lingering over seas of dewy chlorophyll, or through rays of sun evoking an equinox of red earth, blue skies, and emerald leaves. Find yourself pedaling to the crest of a hill to watch the glimmers of sunset, an incredible reward for any bike ride, be it a leisurely coast down dirt roads or an intense challenge through a labyrinth of forest trails. Mountain biking at Brackenhurst and in our surrounding area is an unmissable experience.

Bird Watching

After Plants for Life, our partner NGO, reforested Brackenhurst with indigenous trees, the biodiversity on our grounds has greatly increased. In the span of around fifteen years, the number of recorded bird species at Brackenhurst has risen from 35 to 187. Cinnamon-chested bee-eaters swoop overhead, iridescent sunbirds flirt with jewel-toned flowers, and augur buzzards make their nest in a giant muna tree. If you are attentive enough, you may have the rare pleasure of seeing an owl standing sentinel on one of Brackenhurst’s oldest buildings, or an angelic heron ascend from outlying wetlands. Search further still, and you may get a glimpse of a legendary crown-crested crane. With a highly experienced guide from Plants of Life, we invite you to enter into a diverse world of soaring wildlife.

Nature Trails

Are you an avid runner, anxious about missing-out on your runs while you are away? Not to worry; Brackenhurst offers over 15 kilometers of mapped trails within the Brackenhurst property, as well as limitless options just outside our gates. Run, bike, or walk on rolling, twisting trails through dense forests and over hilltops overlooking rippling valleys of tea fields.
Brackenhurst often hosts races, so please look at our Latest News if you’re interested in running or biking in an upcoming event. If you or your organization needs a racecourse for an event, please contact us!

Team Building

With several lawns, fields, and forested areas, the main campus of Brackenhurst is well-designed for innovate team activities. Games of capture-the-flag become epic on our grounds, reinforcing our child-friendly environment. Besides spacious grounds, Brackenhurst has a ropes course, an incredible tool for team building. If you and your team are feeling particularly adventurous, we can arrange for a trained instructor to guide you in completing an invigorating and fun challenge involving a high level of teamwork.


Brackenhurst provides tennis and basketball courts, as well as a large upper field for football or other field sports. Bring your tennis racket, your cricket bat, or your football to enjoy our facilities!