Brackenhurst Botanic Garden began in 2000 with the removal of most of the exotic trees on Brackenhurst land and their replacement with native African trees. The project is managed by our partner, a local NGO called Plants for Life International, and is expected to be complete by 2030.
We now have a closed canopy forest where a family of Colobus monkeys has taken up residence after an absence of sixty years. We are developing an arboretum of rare or unusual East African trees and a few species from other parts of Africa that includes several species now critically endangered on the IUCN Red List. Altogether, we have collected, catalogued and planted more than 1500 species of indigenous plants: trees, climbers, shrubs, flowers, herbs, ferns, orchids and fungi. In addition, there has been a great increase in biodiversity. In 2000 we counted 35 species of birds in the exotic plantations; now, we have 187 species on our bird list.
Brackenhurst has the largest collection of propagated plants in Kenya. Plants for Life will organize to plant trees for loved ones or in a person’s memory and we do nature, tree and bird walks on a regular basis. As we undergo ecological restoration, we invite you to share in the wonder of bringing indigenous wildlife back to our land.