The years following World War II initiated a series of events that contributed to the closure of the hotel in June, 1964. Much like the locals who, in 1914, chastised the Canes, Mr. Warwick Mason wrote pessimistically in a Nairobi newspaper, “There is still, of course, an outside chance that the hotel will find a buyer, but it is very much an outside chance.  It would seem then, that this landmark will go, and with it yet another piece of Kenyan history will have passed, leaving only its memories of the past.”

People in the community, who once enjoyed the beauty and societal connection that Brackenhurst provided, were concerned about the rumours that the property might be purchased for a casino.  Everyone was visibly relieved when, within the month of June,  the Baptist Mission of Kenya purchased the property for use as a Christian conference centre. Amazingly, the purchase price for the 157 acres of land, the buildings and most of the furnishings, was 15,000 British pounds or approximately $42,000.