This year at Brackenhurst, we have already seen more growth of our identity as “Brackenhurst Botanic Garden,” with the opening of a new beautiful garden feature, “The Spiral,” and the upcoming opening of our outdoor amphitheater in our forest this February!

The Spiral garden feature has a spiral beginning at the base of an indigenous tree; as it emerges from the earth, the spiral reminds us that we and nature are connected. The spiral then winds around the trunk of the tree, meandering along, getting bigger, giving space to sit, reflect, and to connect with others…it diminishes until we can see it no more. For many, the spiral represents life; we can see spirals everywhere in our world, from the tiny ones on our fingertips to the enormous ones in space, like the Spiral Nebula. Life is like that, too. We move from the beginning, through the middle, at the central point, and then ever outward…

At Brackenhurst, we see this spiral as a commitment to further interact with the Brackenhurst Botanic Garden, and to create more spaces to enjoy it, ever broadening our engagement with the life found here, and possibly to serve as inspiration for other efforts beyond this campus. We believe that this spiral seating feature is an appropriate way to begin our greater focus on the development of who we are as a botanic garden here at Brackenhurst.

Our next enhancement of the Brackenhurst campus has already started; we are building an outdoor amphitheater in the forest. We will be opening this feature with a special event revolving around the theme of peace on Saturday, 24 February, which will feature international speakers and spoken word, dance and musical performance. You are invited to join us as we push forward with more engagement with our environment, with ideas and with others as we build our Brackenhurst Botanic Garden and our community. Attached is a digital flyer for more information. Welcome!

Happy Valentine’s Day, from Brackenhurst and our gardens with love!