By | August 25th, 2016|History|

Brackenhurst is now operated by Muna Tree Holdings, though the land remains owned by the Baptist Mission. It is proud to host groups from all [...]

From Hotel to Christian Conference Centre

By | June 25th, 1964|History|

The years following World War II initiated a series of events that contributed to the closure of the hotel in June, 1964. Much like the [...]

By | February 25th, 1944|History|

The Birth of the Brackenhurst Hotel

By | February 25th, 1944|History|

Brackenhurst was soon able to accommodate about 100 guests.  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Howard, daughter and son-in-law of the Canes who lived nearby, assisted with [...]

The Famous Tale of the Leopard

By | August 25th, 1940|History|

After the war, government personnel came to Brackenhurst while awaiting the departure of ships sailing back to England. Missionary friends also began coming for periods [...]

Expansion, Architecture and an Earthquake

By | October 25th, 1927|History|

During the time of expansion after World War I, the Canes constructed an additional building from a disassembled army hut that was bought for 25 [...]

World War 1: Living off the Land and a Time for Much Needed Holidays

By | April 30th, 1920|History|

Though Mr. Cane was a talented musician, he worked as a censor in the Nairobi post office during World War I, occasionally bicycling home. It [...]

Three Tree Farm

By | February 1st, 1919|History|

  During those days, the land that the Canes bought was called “Three Tree Farm” due to three tall muna trees that stood on the [...]

Nothing But Mist – January 1914

By | January 1st, 1914|History|

In 1914, the family of Hudson Cane emigrated from England to what was then British East Africa, now known as Kenya. After traveling from Mombasa [...]

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