• Brackenhuest Botanic Garden

    Brackenhuest Botanic Garden

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  • February Newsletter – A Nature Valentine

    February Newsletter – A Nature Valentine

    This year at Brackenhurst, we have already seen more growth of our identity as “Brackenhurst Botanic Garden,” with the opening of a new beautiful garden feature, “The Spiral,” and the upcoming opening of our outdoor amphitheater in our forest this February! The Spiral garden feature has a spiral [...]

  • Newsletter August 2016: The Luxury of Face to Face Communication

    Newsletter August 2016: The Luxury of Face to Face Communication

    In a rapidly developing virtual world, face to face interaction is important to stay grounded and connected to members of a team, be it family or business. While we are advancing into a more and more digital age, sometimes the benefits of increased expression are [...]

Focusing on Strengths

“You grossly overestimate your weaknesses and underestimate your strengths. You have no idea how powerful [...]

Why people attend a conference ?

Generally, people have two basic ideas when attending a conference; to encounter new ideas and [...]

A look at high-Impact conferences

We love to hear about organizations and individuals who have experienced big impact conferences, meetings [...]

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