Project Description

Muna Tree Cafe is Brackenhurst’s al la carte restaurant.

Our cafe is the perfect excuse to escape from the city for an afternoon meal, a nice family brunch, or even a date night dinner. We are open Sunday through Saturday from 6:30am – 9:30pm.

The menu features a variety of foods from sizzling fajitas, feta wraps and lamb chops to fresh salads and hamburgers. All vegetables are sourced directly from the Brackenhurst organic garden or bought direct from local farmers.

Thursday through Sunday, the cafe fires-up an outdoor wood fire pizza oven. Come and try the BBQ Chicken, Butternut Sage or the Muna Tree Garden Pizzas.

The cafe also hosts an Organic Farm Fresh Market every Thursday afternoon at Brackenhurst. It’s a great opportunity to purchase your organic vegetables for the week.
Our Promise